Some writing on the show by David Kasprzak…

What follows is the record of a last voyage through a place we knew, even then, would be gone.”
-Edward Abbey-

The Sea All Around Us at Sight School is a collaborative exhibition between San Francisco-based artists Sean McFarland and James Sterling Pitt. The word exhibition is used here as a crutch for something much less concrete than that, for The Sea All Around Us is not a show of photography, nor is it a show of sculpture. One must enter to see, but not to see static objects, rather to see perception and representation taking place.

One year ago McFarland and Pitt began occupying the same space, a space that needed organization and interpretation, and a space that will eventually be gone. McFarland’s mode of practice is one of creating meaning through a meta-landscape, or one that embodies its viewer; he exposes landscapes that exist just beyond vision. Pitt meticulously recreates and catalogs the objects in these landscapes, giving them a preciousness and longevity that they deserve. Together, as partners on an expedition, McFarland and Pitt deliver their findings: a powerful sense of place, and a generous glimpse of a time that will eventually exist only through their eyes.

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